Savannah James Jokingly Showed LeBron James The Middle Finger During Their Wedding Anniversary Vacation In Italy: “On Our Anniversary, This Is How I Get Treated”

LeBron James and Savannah James are very much a power couple, many NBA fans and even those that don’t follow the league much are enamored with their relationship. The James gang as LeBron refers to his family, are a bunch that is often going viral on social media, and they recently did an epic photoshoot too. 

James and Savannah have been sweethearts for a long time, and despite all the trials and tribulations of LeBron’s incredible NBA career, they have stayed solid throughout. LeBron posts about Savannah from time to time on social media, reaffirming his love for his wife and complimenting her as much as he can. And one of the videos he shared on social media has recently gone viral. The video shows that despite all their wealth and status, the King and his queen are as normal a couple as any other. 

Savannah James Jokingly Showed LeBron James The Middle Finger On Their Wedding Anniversary

LeBron and Savannah have been married to one another for 9 years, having spent 21 years together in total. They have 3 children together, with LeBron recently revealing multiple times his desire to play in the NBA with both his sons. But with the season still far away from starting, James was spending time with Savannah on their anniversary as the two vacationed in Italy. 

And while on that vacation, LBJ shared a video on his story of a drawing Savannah had made for him with an interesting message. As he tried to share that video though, she one-upped him on the banter and flipped him off. The message read ‘F**k wrong wit choo!!’, and LeBron had a hilarious caption in response. 

“On our anniversary is how I get treated!! Damn shame. Helluva ring on that on that next door finger.”

It’s heartwarming to see how comfortable the two are with each other. Obviously, after 21 years of being together, it’s a different level that couples are on, but it’s still lovely to see for the fans. Many think that wealth and status change people, but LeBron and Savannah don’t seem to have forgotten that they were together before all that truly came into their lives. 

For LeBron James, this is one of the last times he can relax before preparation for the new NBA season begins in earnest. The Los Angeles Lakers have an interesting situation at the moment, but if LBJ can keep up his level of play and lead them, a lot of eyes will continue to be trained right on them.