Seth Rollins spotted with new fresh look at WWE Superstar’s wedding

Seth Rollins is making the most out of his current run in WWE as he holds the United States title in his hands. The Visionary has always managed to stay on top of his game in any feud he’s pushed, making fans recognize his talent in the company.

Ever since making his main roster debut with The Shield in 2012, Rollins has adopted many gimmicks, from The Architect to the Monday Night Rollins to the Modern Day Messiah to his current unhinged Visionary character.

The former Universal Champion recently teased on social media that he is reverting back to his bright blonde hair look from his early days in WWE.

Fans were quite ecstatic to see the iconic look come back and are now patiently waiting to see it on TV. However, the complete look has now been revealed as he was spotted sporting the new hairstyle publicly at Sheamus’s wedding.

Check out Seth Rollins’ new look below:

We will have to wait until Monday Night RAW for Seth Rollins to bring on a new look to WWE programming and see if any further changes come with the hairstyle.

WWE icon claims that Seth Rollins is not even close to Roman Reigns’ level in the company

Fans have seen Rollins and Reigns share a storied past, filling the brim with emotional depth. The two stars have shared similar career paths as they both joined the main roster together in the breakout faction The Shield along with Dean Ambrose (now known as Jon Moxley).

Both men are currently on the run of their lives, with Roman Reigns positioned as the face of the company and Rollins enjoying a fruitful United States title run.

The last time we saw the former stablemates clash was at Royal Rumble 2022 for the Universal Championship. The match ended in disqualification following Reigns not letting go of his submission hold on Rollins after he grabbed the ropes.

I created you and I can destroy you
– Seth Rollins To Roman Reigns

I created you and I can destroy you- Seth Rollins To Roman Reigns

Rollins has always then brought up the fact that Roman hasn’t been able to defeat him in a singles match, claiming that he’ll always be one step ahead of him.

However, it seems Ric Flair disagreed and stated on his To Be The Man podcast that The Visionary isn’t even close to the Tribal Chief’s level in the company.

“Look at Seth Rollins. He’s been 10 different things. You know what he was the best at? Being The Architect. Because he’s really strong and technical in the ring. But since then I can’t even keep track of all of it. I know why it is, it’s all to sell merchandise. I saw where he compared himself to Roman Reigns. I don’t think that’s even close,” Ric Flair said. [From 13:30 to 13:59]

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