‘Tacky’ bride and groom make guests pay for slices of wedding cake – but that’s far from the worst part

A WEDDING GUEST shared the story of a “petty” bride and groom who demanded attendees pay for their own cake at the reception.

If putting a price on a slice wasn’t horrifying enough, the couple’s message to one guest after the fact was the icing on top.


An anonymous user shared her story about a bride and groom who demanded their guests pay for their cake (stock photo)Credit: Getty

A Redditor who goes by @Unlucky_Low_6254 shared a screenshot of a text conversation with the newlywed couple.

She said that the bride and groom had announced on the day of the wedding that the guests were expected to pay for the wedding cake they ate — by the slice.

“I paid for the first slice after it was announced on the day we’d be helping to pay for their cake,” the guest said.

“Apparently didn’t count for the second.”

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The couple sent over a demand for reimbursement for the second slice of cake she consumed, saying that they referred to security video to catch her with her second helping.

“Hey so we were just looking at the CCTV and saw that you had two pieces of the wedding cake,” the couple said.

“We announced that each guest must pay per slice and noticed that you only paid for the one.

“Can you please send the £3.66 asap,” they demanded.

Followers of the forum were aghast at the couple’s behavior.

“They reviewed the tape???” said one commenter in disbelief.

“Paying per slice is tacky as well, but sending actual video feed is a whole other level of crazy,” said another.

Others had cheekier suggestions.

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“Tell them to take you to small claims court,” said a third.

“What is this? Small claims court for ants?” joked another.