Yorkshire bride’s heartbreak after having to pay £700 for a dress she’ll never wear – because her fiance died

Chris Mason, 75, from near Rotherham, has been trying to get a refund for the dress bought by his daughter Karen Mason-Jones for her planned wedding to fiance Mark Jones, a gardener.

Teaching assistant Mrs Mason-Jones bought the dress from Jayne’s Bridalwear Doncaster for £1380 earlier this year, and it was moved to the shop’s stockroom where it awaited collection.

But Mrs Mason-Jones, 47, was never able to wear the dress as her wedding had to be rushed forward and carried out under emergency circumstances after Mark was diagnosed with terminal cancer following a gallbladder operation.

Karen Mason-Jones and her husband Mark, who sadly died just 12 hours after their emergency wedding

Mr Jones died just 12 hours after the wedding took place in July.

All other suppliers the couple had booked including their venue and jewellers refunded Mrs Mason-Jones in full when they learnt the sad news, with some even sending flowers according to Mr Mason.

But Jayne’s Bridalwear said they could only return half the money – despite the dress still being in their store room in the shop. A refund of £690 was offered and accepted by Mr Mason, but he is now campaigning to get the full payment refunded.

Mr Mason went to visit the shop the day before his son-in-law’s funeral to try to seek out a full refund but was unsuccessful.

Manager Julie Joyce told Mr Mason that she had to deal with brides asking for refunds on a weekly basis, and that if she refunded them all she would be put out of business due to rising costs in staff and other overheads.

Mr Mason told the Yorkshire Post: “Legally, she’s in her rights to not give us a full refund – but morally it was absolutely wrong.

“If Karen had found a nicer dress or had a fall out with Mark and called the wedding off, that’s a different set of circumstances.

“Staff were very nice when taking the money – but now seem very unsympathetic.

“A bridal shop is normally a happy place – we thought she would look beautiful on her wedding day.”

Julie Joyce of Jayne’s Bridalwear Doncaster was approached for comment.