Wedding guest red-faced after turning up wearing dress almost identical to bridesmaids

A TikTok user has shared the story of how she was left red-faced after she went to a wedding accidentally dressed like a bridesmaid – even though she wasn’t one.

The woman, known as Lisa, revealed in a video that she went to the wedding with her fiancé, who was a groomsman, and she chose to wear a nice pink dress for the ceremony.

But she was shocked when she arrived and discovered that all the bridesmaids were also wearing pink, and to make matters worse the cut of their gowns was very similar.

Lisa shared the video, throughout most of which she had her head in her hands, with her 5,000 followers and the clip has had thousands of views.

Lisa said she had no idea what colour the bridesmaids would be wearing until she arrived

TikTok user Lisa

She said she was embarrassed after as it looked like she was trying to blend in

In the video, titled ‘wedding etiquette fail’, Lisa can be seen researching wedding dos and don’ts when she stumbles across one bit of advice.

The tip reads: “If you’re not a bridesmaid, wearing the same colour as the ‘maids can make you look like a wannabe.”

The image then cuts back to Lisa looking shocked, then she shares a picture of herself at a wedding where she is indeed dressed the same as the bridesmaids.

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Adding a comment to the clip, Lisa wrote: “Have you ever accidentally broken #weddingetiquette? So sorry @kathleeeenk. I didn’t know.”

After the video was shared online, other TikTok users rushed to Lisa’s defence.

One person added: “How are you supposed to know what colour they are wearing?”

While a second wrote: “I didn’t post my wedding colours so I wouldn’t be upset, but I also didn’t know you weren’t supposed to wear red either.”

And a third said: “This happened to me at an ex’s who was a really good friend. His wife didn’t want me there anyways and I ended up matching them by accident, oops.”

Then, the woman whose wedding it was, known as Kathleen, commented: “Girl I didn’t even notice, you and Al looked great!”

To which Lisa replied: “Hahaha, so glad you weren’t upset. Phew.”

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