Wedding planner reveals clever trick to getting guests to sign the guestbook on your big day

GUESTBOOKS make for a lovely keepsake from your big day, but so often the bride and groom never end up with as many messages as they’d hoped for.


A wedding planner has revealed the trick she swears by to get guests to sign the guestbookCredit: TIKTOK/gritandgraceeventsco/tiktok
She says having a pre-written message in the book is


She says having a pre-written message in the book is “simple yet so effective” as it encourages others to pick up the penCredit: TIKTOK/gritandgraceeventsco/tiktok

That could be for a number of reasons like guests either having way too much fun to remember to leave a little note for the newly-wed Mr and Mrs, not realising there’s a guestbook or simply not knowing what to write.

But, if you really want to make a guestbook work on your wedding day, then a professional wedding planner has revealed the secret to getting guests to pick up the pen.

TikTok user @gritandgraceeventsco, also known as the Californian Wedding Planner online, is known for sharing her trips and tricks to ensure your big day runs smoothly.

There’s one tip she swears by for ensuring a full guestbook and she insists it’s “so simple, yet so effective”.

In a video she shared to social media, that has been watched nearly half-a-million times since posting, she says: “Do you want to make sure people actually sign your guestbook at your wedding?”

“Because so often guests come to your wedding, see the guestbook and don’t write anything – for fear of doing it wrong or not really knowing what to say. And you end up with a blank guestbook!”

The planner revealed: “I have a trick that I use at every wedding and it works like a charm.”

She advises: “Have your wedding coordinator or a family member pre-write a message in your guestbook.

“So when other guests arrive, they know exactly what to do and they actually write in it. So simple, but so effective!”

Her post inspired others to share how they managed to secure those sentimental messages, with hundreds commenting on her post.

One person revealed: “I went to a wedding this weekend and they put it next to the bar so people could sign while waiting in line!”

Another said: “We had a polaroid camera and had the bridal party go first to encourage people to use it. It worked great! Every guest did it!”

A third wrote: “I had my little cousin badger the guests to sign it.”

One more shared that they’re so determined to make use of their guestbook during their wedding that they’re having the DJ make an announcement during the reception.

“I’m going to be having my DJ make an announcement to sign the guestbook at the cocktail hour,” they said. “I feel like so many even just forget or don’t see it!”

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