Woman Ordered To Give Back $32K Engagement Ring After Calling Wedding Off

An Alabama court has said a bride-to-be who broke off her engagement should give back the ring her ex-fiancé shelled out $32,000 on.

According to court records obtained by FOX10, the man proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve 2018 with a ring reportedly valued at $32,000.

She accepted the proposal, however by 2019 she had had a change of heart, calling off the wedding and ending the relationship.

Court documents reportedly showed that two months after she ended things, her ex-fiancé got in touch to ask for the ring back.

She refused to return it, with court documents indicating she initially told her former partner she threw the ring into the intracoastal waterway.

The woman later admitted, however, that she had in fact sold the ring for a heavily discounted price of just $10,000.

The jilted groom took the matter to the Baldwin County Circuit Court but they sided with the woman, ruling that the man gave the ring as a Christmas present with no conditions on it. As a result, they deemed that she didn’t have to return it.

However, in a fresh twist, FOX10 is reporting that the Alabama Court of Appeals has called for that ruling to be vacated.

They said that the woman was “unjustly enriched” at her ex’s expense since she refused to return the ring or the equivalent value. They also noted that the gift was given on the condition of a marriage which ultimately did not happen.

Newsweek has contacted the Alabama Court of Appeals for comment.

Engagement rings have proven a source of much contention and debate online over the past few months.

One recent story saw a woman turn to the internet for help after her boyfriend proposed with an engagement ring that also happened to be a family heirloom.

The woman explained that she was uncomfortable with the idea because the ring had been used in more than one proposal within the family and had previously belonged to her former sister-in-law who likely had her own personal memories attached to it.

In another big viral story, a bride-to-be took the bold decision to uninvite one of her close friends from her wedding after she made a “demeaning” comment about her engagement ring.

According to the story, her friend told her she thought it was “kind of s****y to spend that much on a ring when even a fifth of that money could’ve pulled a family out of poverty.”

Elsewhere, a soon-to-be-married man earned praise on social media after proposing to his girlfriend and giving her the option of choosing one of five different engagement rings.

Stock image of an engagement ring. A woman in Alabama has been ordered to give back the $32,000 engagement ring purchased by her ex-fiancé.