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Kourtney and Travis timeline: Summer 2021

Throughout June, July and August, Kourtney and Travis kept up their steady stream of romantic posts, and hit a few notable milestones as well.

Travis’s daughter, Alabama, posted a cute video of the couple playing piano together on her own Instagram story.

“This is what I come home to,” she wrote, including a big-eyed emoji that expressed her awe at the sheer cuteness.

Along with a few more family trips to Disneyland, Kourtney and Travis also took a very significant trip to Mexico together.

The trip was his first flight since 2008, when Travis and friend Adam Goldstein were the only two survivors of a plane crash that also left Travis with severe burns all over his body.

On August 17, the drummer posted a photo of himself holding Kourtney in his arms, posed in front of a jet.

“With you anything is possible,” the rocker wrote.

By September 12, he had flown five separate times.