Bridezillas: A wedding planner unpacks

by Marlene Kohring
02/21/2022, 01:15 am

Many brides have a clear idea of ​​their big day, some mutate in the process Bridezilla’s. Here a wedding planner unpacks – under the veil of anonymity.

One plus one equals one

“Simple, figure-hugging, high slit, deep neckline – that’s the wishful thinking. The bride’s problem: Her dream dress should definitely be from a very special designer, whose prices are between 6,000 and 30,000 euros. But there was no such cut. In 17 bridal shops, my customer drove the saleswomen crazy, whatever they brought in, she thought everything was shit. After three appointments, I dropped out, trying to make her understand that it would be less stressful to have the dress of your dreams made. But she had another solution: She bought a dress from the luxury designer and a dress from another brand that was more tailored to her liking. She then had a dress tailored from it – which also included the designer’s label.”


When it comes to garden weddings, you always need a plan B, because you can’t rely on the weather. However, one customer wanted to get married outdoors at all costs. The weather forecast: rain plus hurricane warning. Didn’t matter to her – I should just organize a marquee. The tent builders asked me if I was crazy, but I didn’t get an answer from anyone. There was even a building on site with an enchanting hall – not an option for the bride. On their big day, it poured cats and dogs, and the wind whipped through the garden. The bride was sitting on the top floor of the location and only wanted to come down if she could get married in the garden. We pulled out all the stops, set up a sea of ​​candles, rolled out a carpet for her to walk on. I took cell phone photos of the scenery, went to her, poured her a champagne and changed her mind. An hour late, she said yes to her partner. The wedding party looked out into the storm through huge glass fronts.”

The girlfriend does it…

“A bride canceled the booked make-up artist shortly before her wedding because she would rather have her girlfriend do her make-up, even though she had zero experience in the field. I generally advise against that. On such an important day, professionals should get to work, who underline the personality of the woman and don’t paste it over. I was talking to a wall with her. And the result made an impression from afar: When she got out of the car, I saw light blue glittering eye shadow, bright pink lipstick, thick blush bars. Olivia Jones would have looked pale next to her. And it didn’t fit her personality at all.”

Rich concept

Seven courses are too many for a wedding menu, then the guests are only occupied with eating the whole evening. But a bride wanted exactly that, it should be served really thick. I was able to negotiate it down to five gears. For my sake it could have been one or two less, it should also be celebrated. I’m usually booked until midnight. When I called it a day shortly after twelve, this group was far from having reached dessert.”

Such a bankruptcy

“I had 25,000 euros available for a wedding. No problem for me, despite the bride’s extravagant decoration ideas: tropical plants that were to be flown in from the other end of the world. Then the hammer: After an appointment with the decorator, she admitted to me that she didn’t have that much money. But there was a plan that she proudly presented to me: I should book everything as discussed – she would then complain to all the service providers about their poor performance in order to get the whole thing free of charge or with a hefty discount. That’s cheating! I stopped working and she got really angry and said I was letting her down. horror bride.”

For many years he already supports bridal couples. Most of them are totally relaxed – also because of him.

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