Everything We Didn’t See In “The Kardashians” Season 2

Season 2 of The Kardashians got off to a promising start when it premiered in September with a special episode dedicated to Khloé Kardashian’s surrogacy journey amid her ex Tristan Thompson’s paternity scandal.

Viewers were shocked by the intimate level of insight that they were privy to in the special, which included raw footage from the hospital delivery room as Khloé’s son was born.

However, it is safe to say that the season has been pretty downhill ever since, and week after week disappointed fans have flocked to social media to criticize the show.

In fact, some people even switched off halfway through the Hulu series as they compared it to “watching a press release” after realizing just how much of each episode was dedicated to promoting each of the sisters’ respective brands.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s constant bragging about her work ethic rubbed viewers up the wrong way, and as the season finale grew closer many began to share their concern that nothing had really happened since its strong launch episode.

And this is certainly not due to a lack of potential, with this year providing the Kardashian-Jenner family with plenty of material for several good storylines in their reality show.

After all, filming for Season 2 is thought to have begun in February, which is around the time that Kim’s ex husband, Kanye West, ramped up his public campaign against her and her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Two new babies have also been born into the family this year, and Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker in a picturesque Italy ceremony.

But instead of any of that being featured in The Kardashians, a storyline about Kris Jenner getting a hip replacement dragged across three episodes, as did the family preparing to walk the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala.

Not to mention that one episode that saw Khloé and Kris visit a peacock farm.

Fan favorite Scott Disick also barely featured in the season, aside from one brief cameo when Kendall Jenner spoke to him about her new business venture of flipping houses.

And any hint of drama proved to be pretty anticlimactic as viewers were repeatedly teased with cliffhangers for stories that they already knew the outcome to, largely due to the fact that they’d played out very publicly earlier this year.

For example, whether or not the family would win their court battle against Blac Chyna was a huge storyline despite it already being widely known that the jury ruled in their favor all the way back in May.

Kourtney seemingly marrying Travis in a Las Vegas ceremony was also teased, even though she’d confirmed in April that the ceremony had just been for fun and wasn’t legally binding.

Basically, dedicated The Kardashians viewers are feeling a little bit shortchanged by the extreme lack of content this season, and after the finale aired on Thursday many shared their disappointment.

“That’s it?” one person wrote on a Reddit forum. “Like the whole season? No baby names? No Italian wedding?”

“Lmao. So liiike.. this is all we get? 💀” another echoed. “If we get 20 seasons of this NOTHING I’m gonna be in pieces. Let season 3 be the last nothing they ever give us.”

“It feels like they took an entire season, 10 episodes, to go to the MET. They didn’t really touch on much else aside from clothing fittings and other boring bs,” a third person wrote. “What a wasted opportunity.”

So, here is everything that we had expected to see but didn’t in Season 2 of The Kardashians, which might explain why so many people have been left disappointed.

As previously mentioned, filming for this season kicked off right in the midst of Kim’s very public drama with Kanye, who was repeatedly lashing out at her and Pete on Instagram throughout January, February, and March of this year.

It all came to a head when Kanye released his “Eazy” music video in March, which showed a claymation version of him decapitating a model of Pete and burying him alive.

At the time, things were so bad that Kim felt the need to privately message Kanye because he was “creating a dangerous and scary environment” and she feared that somebody might hurt Pete as a result.

Kanye leaked these texts to Instagram, and soon after Pete’s friend, Dave Sirus, shared screenshots of a conversation that Pete had with Kanye after he stepped in to try and protect Kim.

While Kim has always made it clear that she never wants to publicly speak out against the father of her children, we did expect to get some level of insight into what was going on behind the scenes as the drama unfolded online.

Although nobody ever expected Kim to chastise Kanye on the show, even a suggestion of how his constant attacks were impacting her on a personal level would have been interesting for fans to see.

Instead, the drama was barely even alluded to and the brief Kanye references that we did get suggested only a positive relationship between him and Kim, including her laughing over them roasting each other about their respective styles.

The most insight that fans got into the very public feud came in this week’s finale, when Kim said of her ex: “Even when he was at the height of not speaking to me and being angry with me, he won a few Grammys and I still reached out to him.”

But no further details of why Kanye was angry or how he was behaving were referenced throughout the show, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was incredibly public about his feelings towards Kim and Pete at the time then Kardashians viewers never would have known what was really going on.

Speaking of Pete, his presence was a huge selling point in the roll-out for Season 2. He and Kim first started dating in October 2021, and while he was repeatedly mentioned throughout Season 1 of The Kardashians, which premiered in April, him appearing onscreen wasn’t even teased until a post-credits scene in the finale.

In this scene, Pete remained off-camera as he and Kim had a flirty exchange and many viewed this as confirmation that he would appear in Season 2.

The show’s executive producer went on to hint heavily that Pete would be featured in the show, and the whole thing was verified when the first trailer dropped over the summer and he popped up in a post-Met Gala scene with Kim.

But while Kim did have a phone conversation with Pete and mention him throughout the season, he only had a very brief on-camera appearance in one installment of the 10-episode run.

To rub salt in the wound, fans noticed that he’d been cut from another episode that saw Kim try on her Met Gala dress, which it is known that Pete was present for.

To be fair to the show’s producers, Kim and Pete called time on their relationship back in August — one month before Season 2 premiered, and this may have impacted the edit.

But considering Pete’s presence was literally used to promote the show via its first look trailer, it’s understandable that fans expected to see a little bit more of him.

In fact, earlier this year Pete appeared to be striking up a bromance with Scott after they enjoyed a “boyz night” together that was documented on social media.

As a result, many thought that this could be a storyline in the show, which would also give the series some of the comic relief that Scott was famed for bringing in the family’s previous reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

And if Pete really was edited out of the show following his and Kim’s split then it might explain why Scott had such minimal screen time this season.

In Season 1, Scott’s storyline revolved around his unhappiness at the family not inviting him to their functions ever since his ex, Kourtney, started dating Travis.

Because of this, viewers expected to see Scott’s reaction to Kourtney and Travis’s May wedding, with the pair tying the knot in a lavish Italy ceremony that was attended by the whole family.

But we didn’t even get a glimpse at the nuptials — let alone Scott’s response from his home in California.

Kourtney’s wedding is perhaps one of the most surprising things to have been omitted from the show, especially as the Kardashian-Jenners flooded social media with photos and videos from the big day at the time.

With all of the sisters and their mom, Kris Jenner, in the Italian fishing village of Portofino for the occasion, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share some of this behind-the-scenes footage from the trip.

But while Kourtney’s dress fitting was filmed for The Kardashians, as well as her and Travis making out in front of historical hotspots during their prep trip to Milan, fans were given nothing in terms of the actual wedding or its build up with her nearest and dearest.

This was made even more confusing given that the show’s executive producer confirmed back in June that they would be covering the wedding, saying the footage would be so “amazing” that viewers would be clamoring to tune in.

Even if the ceremony itself had been kept private, it is extremely unusual for the show to not even offer viewers a peek into the reception or — at the very least — a post-event debrief in the form of a confessional or a family conversation.

But while this is uncharacteristic of the Kardashians’ approach to reality TV when they first found fame at the start of their careers, it feeds into their apparent rebrand of giving fans less access to their private life.

Kourtney’s wedding is just the latest milestone event that the family have withheld crucial information about, with Kylie Jenner still yet to reveal her nine-month-old son’s name.

Despite being happy to share her daughter Stormi with the world soon after she gave birth in 2018, Kylie is yet to show fans her little boy’s face or confirm what she has called him.

In Thursday’s finale, Kylie teased that she might finally reveal the name in Season 3 of The Kardashians, but in a harsh insight into how the family’s newly refrained approach to their personal lives is impacting their star power, one viewer responded: “Meh, who even cares at this point tbh.”

Similarly, in the preview for this week’s episode it was strongly hinted that Khloé would be revealing her son’s name following his birth in July.

But this proved to be yet another anticlimax and, as with Kylie, Khloé has approached her son’s birth in a completely different way to her daughter’s. She is also yet to reveal what she has called him, and even kept his face covered with a blanket during his brief appearance in the finale.

All in all, the Kardashians have certainly suffered a blow following this season of their show, with the overwhelming consensus online being that the series is “boring” and “underwhelming.”

One thing nobody could say about the Kardashian’s was that they were boring. Well, after season 2- it can be said now. What WAS that? #TheKardashians

02:12 PM – 24 Nov 2022

Twitter: @angecuso

And Kim appeared to pick up on this negative response as she took to her social media page on Thursday to ask fans for feedback on what they should change for Season 3.

She tweeted: “What do you guys wanna see for season 3 of The Kardashians? Do you guys like family stuff? Work stuff? Kids stuff? BTS of shoots? Family pranks?”

What do you guys wanna see for season 3 of The Kardashians? Do you guys like family stuff? Work stuff? Kids stuff? BTS of shoots? Family pranks?

05:13 AM – 24 Nov 2022

Twitter: @KimKardashian

But she may not have been prepared for just how brutal some viewers were going to be in her replies as they called the show out for under delivering.

One person wrote: “Honestly this season has been the worst one so far. Nothing has happened, all about the brands and products it’s so boring.”

“We wanna see something real the show has gotten very boring show us ur true struggles not 4 seconds of u talking privately on the phone with kanye,” someone else echoed.

“FAMILY THINGS!!! family activities, family vaycays. the personal scenes are not giving what y’all think they are. all honesty all love,” a third person replied.

Another wrote: “Something needs to change. The show feels like an infomercial. Khloe as always is the only one sharing the real and the raw. We wanna see the Kanye drama, Travis Scott rumors, ray j controversy, etc. Also more kiddos. And less kravis PDA. OH AND BRING SCOTT BACK!”

“we want what we fell in love with – genuine reality tv that follows everyone, not this superficial 45 minute advertisement for all Kardashian products, so boring to watch now,” one more agreed.

Kim has not acknowledged the backlash, but it’ll be interesting to see whether any of the criticism has been taken on board when Season 3 airs next year.

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