From Wedding Venue To Hospital, A Bride’s Painful Journey

A Canadian bride was ready to dance the night away at her wedding — until she broke her foot, and landed in a hospital. Chelsea was prompted by guests to do the horah, a Jewish celebratory dance that involves the bride and groom being lifted on chairs, while everyone dances around them. The ritual also involves the antics of people lifting the bride and groom along with their chairs. Things were going smoothly until Chelsea lost balance and fell.

In a viral video posted on TikTok, newlywed Chelsea is seen leaving the hospital wearing her wedding dress and a big boot. The first clip showcases her limping out of the hospital in her wedding dress and a big boot. The video, as reported by Newsweek, prompted her followers to enquire about what had happened. In a follow-up video, Chelsea described the mishap. She even said the dance floor was a “little slippery” which led to the mishap on her very special day.

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Despite getting hurt, both Chelsea and her groom appeared to be in good spirits. She was later taken to a hospital, in a wheelchair. Reportedly, Chelsea’s foot was plastered before she was able to return home.

Brides getting injured at their weddings isn’t a new thing. Last year, a stunning UK bride made headlines after she stumbled over her own dress and broke her foot during the wedding celebrations. Sam Graham, 40, who tied the knot with her beau Dave on August 7 in Lancashire’s Burnley.

The bride, in an interview with Mirror UK, admitted that she was drunk as she walked in through the front door to walk the aisle.

“I got the train of my wedding dress stuck under my wedges and I went headlong,” she said. At first, Sam ignored the pain but when it became unbearable, she visited a hospital. Scans revealed that the newlywed had got two hairline fractures.

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