Groom embarrasses bride in front of all, video goes viral; watch

It’s wedding season and social media platforms are flooded with millions of wedding videos and photos. Recently, a wedding video went viral on social media in which the groom surprised everyone, especially the bride, with his bold statement.

The groom’s words made the bride shy while the guests were unable to control their laughter after listening to his statement in a ‘poetic style’.

In some traditions, after the wedding, the groom has to recite verses and during this, he talks jokingly which has gone viral now.

In viral video clip, you can see the newly wedded bride and groom sitting side by side dressed in their wedding attires. The couple seems to do some post-wedding rituals with the bride’s family. When the groom is asked to recite the verses, the groom pacifies everyone and gives a warning, hearing which all the in-laws burst into laughter while the bride becomes shy and hides her face as she smiles. 

The groom said, “Chhand pakiya, chhand pakiya.. chhand ke upar petha, chhand pakiya, chhand pakiya.. chhand pakiya petha… sasural walo tyari karlo agle saal hoga beta (In-laws get get ready, next year there will be a son).”

The groom’s words made everybody around him burst into laughter while his bride was extremely embarrased seeing his bold avatar.

The video was shared by an Instagram user called, gitanshi.sharma. The video has so far garnered over 8.9 million views, 415k likes, and hundreds of comments. 

However, some netizens seemed to be miffed with the groom’s thinking of having a son and slammed him.

One user commented, “Male chauvinist!! Stupid as hell!! Do not know abt humour but definitely stupid.” Another wrote, “Sabko beta chiya zindgi bhar kamm aati h betiya.” A third user commented, “Why not betiiiiii.”