Groom saves bride from falling while trying picking her up his arms; Kisses her later

A wedding is incomplete without some drama and fun. Nowadays, wedding videos are going viral on social media in which the bride and the groom take the centre stage either for their grand entry into the venue or their dance performance or any funny incident with one of them.

One such video is currently going viral on social media in which the groom while lifting his bride loses his balance and the couple falls to the ground. The video leaves everyone in splits.

In the viral video, a bride and groom can be seen standing on an elevated platform for their Jaimala ceremony. However, the wedding guests and friends urge the groom to pick up the bride in his arms. 

The groom proceeds to do the same and lifts her. However, he stumbles and falls on the ground in seconds with the bride in tow.  However, he manages to save his bride from failing. He can be seen kissing the bride’s forehead after the incident. 

The groom was quite a sport and was not embarrassed about the incident but owned up it and could be heard saying “Koi Bat Nahi.. Koi Bat Nahi.. Chalta Hai”

The clip prompted a plethora of reactions from netizens, who were left in splits after watching the events unfold.

The video was shared by an Instagram user called, “joyajaan816.”  The video has over 6.6 Million views, 2 lakh likes, and thousands of comments. 

“Still he handled it with so much grace n love,” a user wrote. Another wrote, “Groom ka confidence dekho bilkul bhi low ni hua salute.”  While a third user wrote, “Aaj kal shadi kam natak Jada hota he.”