Pronovias Wants Brides to Wear Their Gowns Again and Again – WWD

A wedding dress that’s only worn once? Think again.

Pronovias Group, which owns luxury bridal brands Pronovias and Nicole Milano, is debuting its “Second Life” program Thursday consisting of a 70-piece collection of redesigned gowns in a range of sizes.

“Redesigning the dresses to give them a ‘Second Life’ was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. Each dress has a kind of key element that makes it special, and when thinking about its Second Life alterations I was focusing on that element, playing around with it to show a new way of showing it off. In some cases, I worked with the length of the dress, the volume of the skirt or the neckline or the sleeves. Every detail can be key to giving the dress a successful Second Life,” Pronovias Group chief artistic officer Alessandra Rinaudo told WWD.

Rinaudo shared some of her favorite ways to transform a dress.

“In general, I like to play a lot with accessories. For the wedding dresses, I love overskirts, detachable sleeves, capes… all those things that lend a touch of drama. When thinking about Second Life, the dress had to be more fun and more casual, so I played a lot with add-ons to find this new look,” she added. “Once something has been created, I really believe in using it again and again.”

More styles are anticipated with each new collection launched, per the company.

Not only a revived collection, Second Life is also an alteration service that is free of charge for brides. The program will be available in all Pronovias and Nicole Milano retail stores around the world (a 60-store footprint spanning the U.S., Spain, Italy, France, China, the U.K. and Poland).

Through these means, the company is channeling efforts into product circularity while putting the notion that wedding dresses can only be worn once to rest.

Prior to the Second Life launch, the group introduced its eco-line and pledged to lower its impact with ecological solutions. Its #WeDoEco pledge touches everything in the lifecycle of the dress including certified fabrications, design, fitting, recycled packaging and improved delivery. Highlights include embellishments made with 100-percent recycled glass and the advent of liquid wood hangers, water-based inks and organic cotton cover bags.

A Nicole Milano gown reworked for modern wear, in 2022 Second Life collection.
Courtesy Pronovias Group