The Truth About The Queen’s Relationship With Princess Beatrice And Princess Eugenie

Beatrice and Eugenie have often found themselves caught in the crossfire of the various scandals that their mother — and most notoriously, their father — have been involved in over the years. There probably was no bigger support than from the queen herself, who the Daily Beast reported as being “known to be proud” of her granddaughters for the way they faced the challenges and often invited them for afternoon tea.

And despite being non-working royals, it was rumored that Queen Elizabeth II still wanted them to be respected as “blood princesses.” According to a leaked and updated Order of Precedence, since Princess Catherine is a commoner, she had to curtsy to the princesses who were royal by birth. The exception was if Prince William was also present, which would then turn the tables to have Beatrice and Eugenie curtsying to Princess Catherine. Of course, this all may seem a bit old-fashioned in today’s modern times, but it illustrated the queen’s continued fondness for her granddaughters.

In turn, the sisters have taken the sometimes unwanted media attention in stride. “We believe very strongly in who we are, and the support system of our friends and our family is pretty incredible,” Eugenie said to British Vogue. “There’s no point being angry with anyone for beating us up — we just need to shine light and love in the world.”