UP Brides Return To Their Maykas Because They Are Fed Up Of Flies

The villages of Ahirori block in Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh are facing a problem unlike any other. The daughter-in-laws in the locality are leaving their sasurals to return to their maykas after being fed up with flies.

UP brides return to Maykas because they’re tired of flies

As many as six brides from Badhaiyan Purwa village have returned to their maternal homes in one year because they have been troubled by flies in the area. Their husbands tried to convince them to return, but they are refusing to adhere to their wishes.

As many as six brides of Badhaiyan Purwa village have returned to their maternal homes in one year because they have been troubled by flies in the area.
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The brides are not ready to budge and have even gone so far as to warn their husbands to leave their villages or forget them.

Villages such as Badhaiyan Purwa, Kuian, Patti, Dahee, Salempur, Fatehpur, Jhal Purwa, Naya Gaon, Deoriya, and Ekghara are infested with flies. The news of the unprecedented problem faced by these villages has spread far and wide over the adjoining regions of Uttar Pradesh.

While married men are watching their brides leave for their maykas, single men are also facing the brunt, as they are finding it difficult to find brides.

Husbands tried to convince them to return but they are refusing to heed to their wishes.
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A local named Dharmendra shared an ordeal his family had to face. He said when his sister’s in-laws-to-be came, flies attacked the sweets they had brought. The groom’s family refused to get their son married.

The villages are becoming increasingly troubled.The marriages of Ajay Verma and Ramkhilawan’s daughters were fixed; however, the groom’s side refused mid-rituals—thanks to flies.

Villagers protest against the issue

These villages have become something of a breeding ground for flies after a commercial poultry farm was opened in the area in 2014. The situation worsened in the last three years as the number of flies increased to thousands.

As the problem continues to persist, residents of Badhaiyan Purwa are protesting outside the village against the issue. Women finish their housework by the afternoon in order to participate in the protest. 

No marriages have taken place this year.
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Village Pradhan Vikas Kumar has voiced his dismay over the issue, saying that the menace of flies has become such a trouble that they have become the cause of fights in relationships.

He said that last year, three men and four girls were somehow married. While the three brides who came to the village returned to their maykas, the daughters who left the village after marriage are not allowed to come to their parents’ houses.

No marriages have taken place this year.

Arihori CHC Superintendent Manoj Kumar said that several camps and awareness drives have been organised. No trends of diseases related to flies have been observed in the villages, he said.

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